Welcome to Bootleggers Bureau & Co., home of the Prohibition Designers community.  Have a glass of moonshine on us, put your glad rags on, and enjoy a Charleston or two.  And don't worry about the coppers ruining your good time, we've got enough of them on the take to keep you cutting a rug all night long!

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Bootleggers Bureau & Co. A Design Community.

Welcome to Bootleggers Bureau & Co., home of the Prohibition Designers. You've stumbled upon a different sort of forum here. We don't consider ourselves a design board, we consider ourselves a community. There's no requirement upon joining this forum, apart from your quarter as entry into the speakeasy, The Volstead (named after the 18th Amendment which prohibited alcohol, known as the Volstead Act). We've got a whole community being looked after by our crooked coppers at Collins & Robinson Detective Agency, including Gaslamp Cinema, a right royal gabfest, and a place for you to enjoy all that the Designers have to offer. Let's begin with a little bit of history, shall we?

Prohibition jump-started the Jazz Age. At the stroke of midnight, on January 16th 1920, America went dry. There wasn't a place in the country (including your own home) where you could legally have a single glass of wine, let alone stronger liquor. The 18th Amendment (the Volstead Act) prohibited the manufacture, sale and possession of alcohol in America. Prohibition lasted for thirteen years.

The general idea behind Prohibition was to reduce crime and poverty, and generally improve the quality of life in America - by making it impossible for people to get their hands on alcohol. It was a colossal failure. It allowed the uprising of crime, namely Mafias and large crime families, as they would oversee the delivery and sale of bootleg liquor. It brought us famous criminals such as Al Capone in New York, and Bugs Moran, in Chicago. It was Al Capone trying to muscle in on Moran's territory that triggered the St Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929.

Just six months after Prohibition became law in 1920, women got the right to vote. Suffragettes were on the front line of this landmark battle, but flappers became the real heroines of the Jazz Age. Flappers were easy to spot; they were the only grown women with short skirts and bobbed hair. They dared to smoke cigarettes and drink cocktails. They were sassy, bold, and hung out in smokey speakeasies, dancing the Charleston all night long.

We're here for a good time! As songwriter Hoagy Carmichael put it, the 1920's came in "with a bang of bad booze, flappers with bare legs, jangled morals and wild weekends." Novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, during Prohibition, "The parties were bigger.. the pace was faster.. and the morals were looser."

So sign up, dance on, and drink up! Here's a few rules to abide by, and there's only a few!

    - We don't appreciate anybody coming into our community and causing trouble, so the coppers will kick you out right quick if you start any.
    - We're also not here to try and muscle anyone else out of the design community game; we just want somewhere to kick back with a drink.
    - We don't like people coming into our community and stealing. Won't be tolerated.
    - Our vps are set at a max of 120px x 120px, anything higher will be refused.

Enjoy the drinks, and dance on!
- Punky; Proprietor.

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