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Author Topic: Don't Get Pinched! [Rules & Bans]  (Read 4686 times)


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Don't Get Pinched! [Rules & Bans]
« on: July 20, 2015, 07:21:18 PM »
Welcome, folks, to the Bootleggers Bureau & Co., a Design Community.  And, welcome to the Collins & Robinson Detective Agency.  These crooked coppers are on the take, and they'll make sure that everyone gets along and there's no fightin'.

The rules are:
We don't appreciate anybody coming into our community and causing trouble, so the coppers will kick you out right quick if you start any.

We're also not here to try and muscle anyone else out of the design community game; we just want somewhere to kick back with a drink.

We don't like people coming into our community and stealing. Won't be tolerated.

Our vps are set at a max of 120px x 120px, anything higher will be refused.

It might seem overly simple, but I don't believe we need a lot of rules, unless people start causing trouble and we require more rules.  On that note, the Ban List.


And I plan to keep it that way.  If you get yourself on this list, you've really pissed off the coppers.

That's it, have fun!